Saraswati home

 the home

the children of Saraswati home

This home is the first orphanage in wich Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld got involved. It was founded in 1998. We support this orplange since 2006.

Through intensive cooperation of the Dutch and local board this orphange  has been given an  exemplary function. Both, the home-mother and the other staff give the children so much loving atttention, that this home has become a safe haven for them. The orphans and stray children are living togeher as one big family. In addition, a suitable trainingpath is sought for every child.

The information Jacqueline Timmerman gave over the years about hygiene and upbringing, has contributed to improving the living environment of the children.

Our donations to  Children’s Homes Dharan contributed to the construction of a new kitchen in wich we  installed a waterfilter.

We also built a new girl's dormitory. Because several children  had to share a bed, we bought a bed for every child.

Since the kitchen is separated from the main building by a ravine, the children had to walk back and forth between the two buildings several times a day, along a busy and unlit road.  This created dangerous situations. In 2012, we therefore gave them a covered, illuminated bridge that connects the two buildings. Because it is relatively cool on the bridge it has become the favorite spot for everybody to play and study.

the bridge

the dormitory

In 2016 we installed solar panels on the girl's sleeping accomodation, so that there is lighting if they want to go to the toiletbuilding in the dark.

We also regularly provide for new clothes, bath linen and linen and toys.

Lego-Benelux donated a  elarge quantity of Legostones. We split that between the Saraswati- en Duhabi home.

During al these years we have developed a close relationship with al children. There is some form of contact every week and during each visit our friendship grows.

playing with lego

playing with each other