Rehabilitation home

the building in 2006

the dormitory in 2006

When we became involved with this orphanage for children with a mental or physical limitation, it was in our standards in an uninhabitable state.  Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld made a number of improvements such as replacing doors and windows fitted with musquito netting.  We also provided a clean watertank, a septic tank an sanitary facilities. Given the appaling condition of the building, it was impossible to make further structural improvements.We have also invested in beds, bedlinen, furniture, medical aids and in cleaning products, toiletries and towels.

the building  in 2016

the kitchen

one of the new toilets

One of the watertanks

Only in 2014 the children were able to move to al smaller, but more solid building. But this house had no kitchen, no toilet and none of the amenities these childre so badly need. The building has  now been made wheelchair – friendly and a simple kitchen has been built. In addition watertanks have been installed and toilets and a shower room have been built. We also provide medical aids and contribute to doctor's costs.

the playroom

Santos with his new walker