This school is situated in the mountains near Dharan, one of the poorest regions of Nepal. Traditonally a lot of child labour has taken place here. In this region children chop rock for many hours a day into pebbles and gravel, wich is used in the contstruction of roads.We support this school since 2006.

The Dipendraschool got off to a cautious start, with a few classrooms. We hope start the eighth grade soon.  Now the school needs three toilet buildings with running water for the teachers, girls and boys.

The water in this region is heavily polluted, that's why our foundation helpt to realise a clean water supply. We also contributed to the construction of a school kitchen and an outdoor canteen.

We ensure that all pupils receive a schoolbreakfast and a hot meal each day. In addition every child receives two sets of school clothes every other year.

Food- and clothing programme

The outdoor cantine

The schoolclothes

The costs of the meals are approximately € 6,500 a year.

The free meals and the schoolclothes ar the decisive reason for many parents to sent their childen to school.

Medical checkup

Dr. H. Plasmans examines the children

The kindergarten

In 2010 dr. Plasmans and the chairman paid a working visit to the school, during wih all the children were medically examined.