Bisnahratni home

Since 2011 our foundation has been involved in the Bishnartni home for older people. In Nepal it is customary for a son to live with his parents after marriage. The care for the parents thus automatically falls on the shoulders of him and his wife.  Because in recent years many young people study and work abroad, more and more elderly people have to rely on other family members. Elderly people without children that cannot go to family, find shelter here. The concept retirement home is unique in Nepal. There is no home like this for miles around.

In Nepal there are nearly no people with old-age provisions like retirement benefit. The home is dependent on donations and food the locals bring them. The inhabitants make sirup of the fruit of  slime appel trees, wich they sell. The women also make garlands of marigolds for the festivals and for the visitors to thank them for their gifts.

The manager of this Bisnahratni home is very involved in the ups  and downs of the residents and does evertything he can to make  life as pleasant as possible for them.

Medical treatment in the  home is for Nepalese standards very progressive. The elderly people are regularly medically examined and there is even an medicine cabinet.

The sirup

The medicine stock

We visit the Bisnahratni home every yeat and make a donation for the elderly people. In 2013 two Dutch doctors in training went with us to visit the old people. They too were impressed by the tranquility, cleanliness and care in this home.