Newsletter October 2023

In October of this year, Ton and Jacqueline paid their annual visit to our projects. As always, the reunion with the children of the Saraswati home was very cordial. Every day the children were already at the gate waiting for them.

The welcome committee

young and old will join in the fun

The new children also quickly felt at ease and happily participated in all the crafts and games. Everyone did their utmost to make colorful garlands, which gave all that coziness an extra festive touch.

The garlands were a nice decoration for the boys' and girls' rooms

Sapal, a young boy who hasn't lived in the orphanage for very long, was so enthusiastically working with his toddler scissors that in an unguarded moment he cut large strands out of his hair.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because when the clippers were needed to fix his haircut, we discovered an inflammation on his head.

He is also very happy without hairs but with medication

Also this time Ton celebrated his birthday with four children from the orphanage.

This time, Akriti, Aatma, Abyan and Dipesh were the lucky ones. They also received their own cake and of course a nice gift.

Ton received a lot of homemade gifts

all the revelers together...

As in previous years, the children opted for a Dutch picnic to celebrate their five birthdays. They enjoyed sandwiches with our farmer's cheese, tuna salad, Smac and the fruit sprinkles we brought from the distant Netherlands.

Everyone enjoyed our annual Dutch picnic

The last day in the Saraswati home we ended with a big momo party. Momo's are festive, but very laborious dough snacks that traditionally belong to special events in Nepal. So they worked hard in the kitchen.

Ajay's solution to onion smell

the little ones should go first...

Some of the older children cut the vegetables into small pieces or grated the onions. Ajay suffered so much from watery eyes that he ran away from the strong smell of onions. But moments later, he cheerfully returned with a bag over his head to continue the job. All the effort turned out to be more than worth it. According to the children, these momos were the best in all of Dharan, because they were treated with so much love.