Newsletter October 2021

Just before the summer holidays of this year, we received an invitation from the Heydonck school in Best to participate in a culture, dance, music and theater event. This day was organized in collaboration with Tuurlijk, an organization that wants young and old to participate in sports and cultural activities in an accessible way. The pupils of the Heydonck School played the leading role on this day and under the guidance of an employee of Tuurlijk, the pupils gave various performances and explored the neighborhood together with their parents. We are grateful to the school and Marieke Snoeks, who suffered serious burns from a gas explosion.

That we could promote our foundation.

The invitation

Our beautifull table

Our employee Prakash Kadhka called us to ask if we could help Samjhana and her family, who suffered severe burns from a gas leak at their home.

Prakash with mother Samjhana

food is deliverd

After the fire, Samjhana was hospitalized with her children.

Her daughter suffered severe burns on both hands, luckily her fingers were spared. Her son suffered burns to his face and arms; Fortunately, he has also recovered. Samjhana has suffered severe burns to arms, legs and face. The wounds on her legs are not healing well, she is still unable to stand and walk. Her sister-in-law is willing to take care of the family temporarily, since the father of the children has left. Only now after things got a little better with his wife and children, the father is back.

Our foundation has honored the request for help and donated food packages twice, clothing, blankets and toys. We also paid the rent for her house.

The donated foof, clothing, blankets and toys.

In addition to this help, Prakash has also worked for 174 people who suffered from the lockdown. He has provided them with food parcels and also handed out medical aids to 4000 people.

We are very grateful to Prakash for his commitment to these people.

Prakash and his employee.