Newsletter November 2023

During the visit to the Dipendra school, Ton and Jacqueline, together with mr. Prakash had a meeting with the head of the school, a number of teachers and part of the board. It was agreed that we would consult with the municipality about the further growth of the school from baby and toddler care to groups 6, 7 and 8. The municipality sees the Dipendra school as an example for many other primary schools in the area. They are sympathetic to our plans and are willing to think along with us and support our plans in collaboration with youth care.

There is still room for improvement in the teaching material.

Baby and toddler care

group 5 at work

The care of all the little ones is of great importance because it allows the older children to go to school and not have to look after their younger brothers and sisters. For the parents, it is also important that all children receive breakfast and a hot meal at school and receive two new school uniforms once every two years.

This year, the Dipendra school had the honour of organising the annual football tournament of the primary schools from Dharan. In addition to the children, all the teachers and even the director were very proud to organize this. The entire exterior of the school was decorated and a stage was built to honor the winners. And who was the winner???

Everything is ready... Let the tournament begin!

Tactical discussions and a lot of practice resulted in the championship!