Newsletter November 2022

After two years of our absence due to corona, we were finally able to visit the orphanage for the disabled. After a conversation with the director Bhim Rai, it turned out that mattresses and bed shelves were desperately needed. We ordered them immediately and after ten minutes they were already delivered by tuktuk. Even faster than Bol!  The only computer in the house had broken down, so we had it repaired. Half an hour later he did it again, what a fast service!

The delivery of mattresses and shelves was followed by a mattress trampoline party...

This dear friend of Ton could only move on her buttocks 3 years ago. To our great surprise, she now came to us radiantly. All this through physiotherapy twice a week, thanks to the Bb care hospital in Dharan.

Kim, who travelled with us this time, gives baby massage in Best. we visited Bb care maternity hospital and Kim taught the maternity nurses in baby massage. The nurses were very enthusiastic about the exercises and thanked her warmly. They are going to instruct the mothers how to massage their baby at home.

The entrance to the maternity hospital

Kim (second from left) gives massage lessons to a number of nurses

Mother with nurse

Ramesh was with his mother with her partner and sister because of all the festivals. Although the living conditions of his family are not the best, Ramesh is doing much better than a few years ago when we found him tied with a rope to the outside wall of the house. Ramesh's father died before his birth in the 2015 earthquake. Mother's current partner is unable to provide for the family. Ramesh has blossomed through the care of his foster parents and the special education he receives.

The house of Ramesh's mother

Am I in the picture?

Ramesh with his sister

Mother in conversation with Prakash

We are very grateful that Prakash immediately took action after finding Ramesh a few years ago. He had him medically examined and then arranged a loving home and appropriate education for him. The badly neglected child of that time who only kept his eyes inwards, is now able to let the world in and even enjoy it...