Newsletter May 2022

Our employee Prakash has visited some of our projects.

He was very satisfied with the way things were going in the Dipendra school.

The building is well maintained, the classrooms look neat, children wear their uniforms and have an active learning attitude.

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to realize the expansion of the computer room, we are waiting for the construction plan and sponsors.

Prakash inspects the school

students on their way to the Dipendra school the start of the day

Prakash has also visited Ramesh's school and foster home.

The boy, who was barely approachable when he was found, has developed well. He has become a happy and cheerful child and he is already better able to express what he wants.

the special education school of Ramesh

teachers, counselors and children proudly show what they have made together

Our employee Prakash also paid a visit to Samjhana, the woman who suffered serious mutilations during a fire. She can now walk again, but she can't use her hands yet. Her son and daughter have recovered reasonably well and are going back to school.

mother's scars are still clearly visible

until mother is healthy again we will continue to support this family