Newsletter March 2022

In March, the HOLI festival is traditionally celebrated by all Hindus in the world, a combination of New Year and a spring festival, while at the same time celebrating the victory of good over evil.

There was also a party in Dharan and, as it should be at HOLI, the children scattered around with colored powder to increase the festivity.

More celebrations took place as this month both Sushma and Anita, two girls who grew up in the Saraswati orphanage, got married.

It is heartwarming how young people who leave the orphanage keep in touch with their 'brothers' and 'sisters' in the Saraswati home. So it wasn't surprising that Sushma, everyone's big sister, did her wedding again with a big party for all the kids.

Together they thoroughly enjoy the wedding of their "big sister".

Due to the corona pandemic, the annual visits to our projects in Nepal could not take place. Contacts had to be limited to texting, e-mailing and Zooming. That is why we surprised the children with a large box full of presents and goodies from the Netherlands. We are already looking forward to finally meeting everyone again in October this year.

Sudhir is handing out presents and hairdressing supplies to the future hairdresser of the Saraswati orphanage.