Newsletter july 2023

Two new children have recently been admitted to the Saraswati orphanage.

This is a brother and a sister. We hope that they will have a bright future here.



Kitty's birthday was also celebrated with a delicious cake and a healthy meal.

de nieuwe Nepalese naam

lekker smullen

The Dipendra school has been given a new look and now looks fresh and beautiful again.

Due to the heat, the school had to temporarily close its doors. That period has been used to refresh both the inside and the outside.

Roshni, who had a difficult childhood, has accepted Prakash's helping hand and now lives with a number of young ladies with an American family in Kathmandu, where she is learning skills to improve her future. Of course there were some adjustment problems in the beginning, but in the meantime she has given Nepalese cooking lessons and fortunately also found a friend. We wish her luck.

Sabitha, has been waiting for her citizenship for more than five years now, because father continues to refuse to apply for it for her. Finally, hope is now on the horizon, because a law was recently passed that also gives a mother the right to apply for that document. Without citizenship, Sabitha cannot officially work and it will take some time before the implementation of the law is in force.  In order to generate income, Sabitha started a small shop with her mother. We hope that with Prakash's help she too will soon be able to work on her future in Kathmandu.

het winkeltje

Sabitha en haar moeder Urmila

Puja has been living in the orphanage for years and is a driven, smart and creative girl. Like Binita, she wants to be a nurse. She asked us to sponsor her entrance exams and this amount of 20,000 rupies, about € 140,-- gladly transferred to her.

Een enthousiaste Puja

Krishika, the girl who lost both her arms in an accident during the corona period, is now doing well. Recently, she and her family visited Prakash. Father is back with his family after a failed attempt to find work in Saudi Arabia. Krishika shows a lot of courage and perseverance to make something of her future even without arms.

Prakash zet zich nog steeds in om compensatie te verkrijgen van de elektriciteitsmaatschappij die de oorzaak vormt van dit ongeluk.

Krishika met haar zusje Karya

Prakash en de familie van Krishika