Newsletter December 2023

During the visit to Mr. Bhim Rai's orphanage for the disabled, it turned out that the electricity in the building was very outdated. The situation was so dangerous that it did not even meet the Nepalese standard. Fortunately, we were able to enlist the help of Chiranjivi, an ex-resident of the Saraswati orphanage, who now has his own electricity company.

The order list for electricity jobs

electricity equipment supplier

Chiranjivi at work

The work has now been completed and the residents of the orphanage can safely turn on the lights again.

a glimpse into the lives of the disabled residents in the orphanage of Mr. Bhim Rai

Chiranjivi has also replaced the electricity in the adjacent maternity hospital and installed ventilators so that the women who have to give birth in a temperature of 38 degrees can still get some cooling.

The maternity ward

The delivery room

October and November is the festival season for Hindus. One of the most important festivals during this period is the Diwali or Depawaili festival, the festival of lights. During that period, the houses are decorated with lights and mandalas. In this way, Goddess Lakshmi is enticed to enter and bring good luck to the inhabitants.

in the Saraswati orphanage, the lights even appeared in the hair

The mandala turned out well again!