Newsletter augustus 2023

After two years, new school clothes and shoes were handed out to the students of the Dipendra school. As always, that resulted in a lot of happy faces.

Everyone is waiting for their turn...

and then they try on the new clothes and shoes.

At the end of the afternoon, everyone can go home with their package of new clothes.

Unfortunately, the school had to close again soon due to the outbreak of Dengue, the fastest spreading viral disease in the world, which is transmitted by tiger mosquitoes. Every year, 400 million people in tropical and sub-tropical areas are infected with it. This leads to flu-like symptoms, which in the worst case can lead to damage to vital organs, causing many people to die every year.

Unfortunately, we received the news that the eye disease Conjuctivitus has now also broken out, which is especially contagious for children.

After the Dipendra school has received a new coat of paint, the construction of a computer lab has also started.

start of the construction.

The endless story of our attempts to obtain citizenship for Sabitha has now come to the redemptive word of the high court. Sabitha finally has the right to become a Nepalese citizen.

She started a shop in Dharan and because of the heat a refrigerator was needed. We have transferred the money for it and hope that she can earn more to support her and her mother.

Goodluck Sabitha!