Newsletter april 2023

Recently we have been in contact with Mrs. Ortega from ‘Wilde Ganzen’.

This foundation has been committed to a world without poverty for 65 years and supports local small projects in developing countries, with financial independence as the ultimate goal.

The children of the Dipendra school live in a slum where there is a lot of poverty. The parents are often illiterate and need to chop stones for the roads or collect wood for sale.  In collaboration with Wilde Ganzen, we have conceived the plan to improve this. We are investigating the possibility of a small-scale agricultural project, and we want to make chickens available to families who have space for this. Furthermore, we make sewing machines available for parents who want to learn how to sew school uniforms for the students. Soon we will be working with Mr. Prakash and the school board are studying the possibilities.

This cottage is the home of a family with two young children, of which the 8-year-old sister takes care of her 2-year-old brother. The parents are absent during the day because father who is disabled has to search for food in the jungle together with mother. In collaboration with the local government, we are going to build a new house for them. In addition, they receive a food package.

Ramesh, the boy our employee found while tied to a rope, is now making amends. Since living in a foster home, he has progressed a lot.

Ramesh is interested in the world around him and even plays!

We have been supporting Chadeni for almost ten years now. She has been given a sewing machine and makes and repairs clothes. At the moment she is partly financially independent. Her brother has recently moved to Itahari and will eventually take over the care of Chadeni. We asked her to make a plan of action and to present it to us during our next trip.