Newsletter April 2022

In Nepal it is not easy for a child of an unmarried mother to obtain proof of citizenship, because according to the law the father has to apply for this.

For Sabitha, who has spent some time in the orphanage because her mother worked in the kitchen, there is also the difficulty that father refuses all cooperation.

Without this citizenship Sabitha does not exist legally and she cannot study or find a regular job. That is why we started legal proceedings five years ago to help this girl. For the last two years, our observer Prakash has taken over this task from us and in March of this year the verdict at the High Court of Birathnagar would finally follow.

The high court of Birathnagar

Waiting, waiting, waiting….. until the lawyer can make time for you

But bureaucracy remains bureaucracy; Even now the judge turned out to be too busy with other matters . He indicated that he wanted to wait with his statement until after the elections because after this the law could change or it could be interpreted differently.

For Sabitha this is yet another disappointment. She is now 25 years old and still has no prospect of a reasonable future. She lives with her ailing mother and is now forced to provide for their livelihood by looking for wood in the jungle and taking care of her mother's beehives and pigs. We continue to support her in the hope that one day justice will prevail...

On April 24, the OVS in Best offered us a stall at their flea market. It is great that the proceeds from this market in Nepal allow us to achieve a lot of good again and to draw attention to our objectives in a new environment.

You will not find us at the May market in Wilhelminadorp in Best, but we will promote our foundation during the Pasar Malam on September 23/24 in the Woensel shopping center in Eindhoven. We hope to see you there too!

Ton and Kim in our booth at the OVS neighborhood association.