SWA-GA-TAM (Welcome)

to the website of Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld.

Welcome to the website of Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld.
On this website you can find information and the history behind our projects.

What do we do?

Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld applies itself to help children in developing countries - Nepal in particular - in hopes of providing food, shelter and education for children in need. We also hope to offer children with disabilities a humane existence. The focus of our efforts lies in rehabilitation and training. We believe all children have a right to a future where they can take care of and provide for themselves!

Our foundation is mainly active in the Dharan-region in the east side of the country of Nepal, where a lot of help is still needed.

Our projects

partly in Dutch:

Saraswati Home

Duhabi Home

Rehabilitation Home



Study fund


Small projects

We’re supporting a school for children of the lowest casts in the cast-system and a number of orphanages including an orphanage for disabled people in Dharan.

We supply them with help and materials in terms of water purification, lighting and electricity and building accessibility. We take care of the sanitation to make sure all kids can grow up in hygienic circumstances. We also provide funding for medical bills and possible aftercare.

Furthermore we support smaller local projects. After a large earthquake in 2015, we worked together with Mr Damu Shresta to build 5 houses in Melamchi, a village not far from the earthquake’s epicentre, in efforts to rebuild in the affected region.

We pay close attention to sustainability while working on our subjects. Wherever possible, we involve and include the local population and communities. This means working together with local workforces, employees and craftsmen to ensure efforts yield results for them as well.

Our board members visit our projects every year. They discuss and determine in what way the offered help is best applied to the situation. This process is supported by the help of advisors such as Mr Sudhir Tamrakar and Mr Prakash Khadka, who represents one of our collaborative efforts with the NGO Jagritinepal.

Travelling expenses of the visiting board members are sponsored by HTB accountants and advisors from Best, The Netherlands, who provide for all the costs of accommodation. This means all donated and sponsored funds for our foundation are fully reserved for project funding and operating.

More information about our work is available in the site menu.