During the visit to Mr. Bhim Rai's orphanage for the disabled, it turned out that the electricity in the building was very outdated. The situation was so dangerous that it did not even meet the Nepalese standard. Fortunately, we were able to enlist the help of Chiranjivi, an ex-resident of […]

Newsletter December 2023

During the visit to the Dipendra school, Ton and Jacqueline, together with mr. Prakash had a meeting with the head of the school, a number of teachers and part of the board. It was agreed that we would consult with the municipality about the further growth of the school from […]

Newsletter November 2023

In October of this year, Ton and Jacqueline paid their annual visit to our projects. As always, the reunion with the children of the Saraswati home was very cordial. Every day the children were already at the gate waiting for them.

Newsletter October 2023

After two years, new school clothes and shoes were handed out to the students of the Dipendra school. As always, that resulted in a lot of happy faces.

Newsletter augustus 2023

Two new children have recently been admitted to the Saraswati orphanage. This is a brother and a sister. We hope that they will have a bright future here.

Newsletter july 2023

Rosni lives with her mother and sister in a small room near the market. To support themselves, they are going to start a small mobile shop with our support. The food has been provided by our contact person Mr. Prakash purchased for her and delivered to her home.. We wish […]

Newsletter june 2023

The house in which the family with the disabled father was forced to live has now been replaced by a stone house.

Newsletter may 2023