While distributing food to families of the students of the Dipendra school, our employee Mr. Prakash discovered a little boy. The boy was tied to a wall with a rope, and was barely able to move around. Mr. Prakesh was so shocked by this sight that he felt motivated to learn more about the situation.

Since then, we learned that the boy’s name is Ramesh, and that he is 5 years old. He never knew his father, who died in the earthquake of 2015. His mother remarried, and works during the day. The boy has hearing problems, and because of this is not able to speak very well.

It is not clear yet if Ramesh is suffering from any additional mental issues. Due to his challenging behavior his mother has been tying him up for years, so that she can go to work. The boy has to spend every day outside, with only a small rug to lie on. Our employee even saw him eat his own excrements.

We want to offer little Ramesh a better future, and are looking to see how he can get all the support he needs. He is currently undergoing medical examinations and after the results of these come in, we are hoping to enroll him in a school for deaf and hearing impaired children.

Getting a hair cut before visiting the medical center together

If you would like to help Ramesh, we are looking forward to receiving your donation at IBANnr.NL75RABO 013 6079 423 on behalf of Stichting Kinderen van de Wereld – Ramesh.