Newsletter December 2021

The number of children of the Dipendra school is growing.

At the moment the school has 204 students, who fortunately can now return to school and therefore also receive their daily meals.

Sudhir has ordered and handed out new uniforms for all children on behalf of the school board.

Everybody looks beautiful.

Since the school is expanding so much, we recently submitted an application to ‘Wilde Ganzen’ to build a computer room. We hope for a positive answer.

In the Saraswati orphanage there was a farewell party for the children who had to leave the house because of their age. Ram and his sister Anita moved into a house belonging to one of the board members and rent two rooms there.

In addition to his studies, Ram also has a small job and Anita works in a beauty salon. They miss their siblings very much.

Yunil and Bishal also had to leave the orphanage. Yunil rents a room with one of the other board members. In addition to his studies, he also has a part-time job.

Bishal now lives with his brother Bijay who is a painter and would like to work with his brother.

Bishal, Yunil, Ram and Anita..

also Sabitha said goodbye.

Together with the brothers and sisters of Saraswati.