Dipendraschool July August 2021

Our employee Prakash Khadka took care of the food distribution and the installation of the fence of the Dipendra school. He also met with the board of the school about the plans for the future.

mr. Prakash (left) meets with the school team

The school management came up with the following plans for the future:

The school will grow to eighth grade.

They are looking for other money flows, especially with the local government and donors from Dharan and the surrounding area. The school is going to work on the training of teachers and is looking for a qualified English teacher for the higher grades.

The Dipendra school is located in the middle of a deprived area. The inhabitants of this district belong to the Dalit, the lowest caste. Most parents are unemployed and the social and psychological problems are high.

Fortunately, thanks to Mr. Praksh there will be more attention to the physical and psychological problems of the students. We are very grateful for his efforts

mr. Prakash has also discussed these plans with the school board.