After two years, new school clothes and shoes were handed out to the students of the Dipendra school. As always, that resulted in a lot of happy faces.

Newsletter augustus 2023

Two new children have recently been admitted to the Saraswati orphanage. This is a brother and a sister. We hope that they will have a bright future here.

Newsletter july 2023

Rosni lives with her mother and sister in a small room near the market. To support themselves, they are going to start a small mobile shop with our support. The food has been provided by our contact person Mr. Prakash purchased for her and delivered to her home.. We wish […]

Newsletter june 2023

The house in which the family with the disabled father was forced to live has now been replaced by a stone house.

Newsletter may 2023

Recently we have been in contact with Mrs. Ortega from ‘Wilde Ganzen’. This foundation has been committed to a world without poverty for 65 years and supports local small projects in developing countries, with financial independence as the ultimate goal. The children of the Dipendra school live in a slum […]

Newsletter april 2023

Due to the incomprehensible bureaucracy in Nepal, citizenship for Sabitha is still waiting for years. This means that her life still stands still, she cannot study or work and does not exist before the law. Rani and Roshni, two other girls we support, also face the same problem. Our employee […]

Newsletter March 2023

After two years of our absence due to corona, we were finally able to visit the orphanage for the disabled. After a conversation with the director Bhim Rai, it turned out that mattresses and bed shelves were desperately needed. We ordered them immediately and after ten minutes they were already […]

Newsletter November 2022

In March, the HOLI festival is traditionally celebrated by all Hindus in the world, a combination of New Year and a spring festival, while at the same time celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Newsletter March 2022

In Nepal it is not easy for a child of an unmarried mother to obtain proof of citizenship, because according to the law the father has to apply for this. For Sabitha, who has spent some time in the orphanage because her mother worked in the kitchen, there is also […]

Newsletter April 2022