Krishika is the *star this month. In the SOS Children's Village Krishika is well supervised so that Krishika can become a happy child again. She is now learning to take over the gripping function of her hands with her feet. Since writing is difficult, she will learn to operate her […]

Krishika September 2021

Although Binita is a certified nurse, it was impossible for her to earn enough to support herself in Nepal. She now has an employment contract in a hospital in Abu Dhabi and hopes to be able to save enough to be able to work in Europe in a number of […]

Binita September 2021

A few weeks ago, Mr. Prakash handed out materials to people who have been severely affected by Corona with which they can set up a small business. Mr. Prakash also worked to get 12 boys who had to perform child labor in India back to their families in Nepal. Mr. […]

September 2021

After the lockdown, the Dipendra school has recently reopened. This means that the students can go to school and learn again and also that they can enjoy a healthy meal twice a day.

Dipendra school September 2021

Prakash has also visited Ramesh and talked to his foster parents and mother. His foster parents see a big improvement in his behavior. However, Ramesh is still not on weight and also has problems with his balance and motor skills. All this is due to previous malnutrition and ignoring his […]

Ramesh August 2021

Prakash is still trying to deliver Sabitha, her citizenship. Without her citizenship it is not possible for her to study or work. It is impossible for Sabitha's mother to apply for citizenship and the father, who lives with another woman, has so far been unwilling to support his daughter in […]

Sabitha August 2021

Our employee Prakash Khadka took care of the food distribution and the installation of the fence of the Dipendra school. He also met with the board of the school about the plans for the future. The school management came up with the following plans for the future: The school will […]

Dipendraschool July August 2021

The construction of the Dipendra school has been completed. Due to the lockdown, construction of the fence around the school took longer than expected. The local government supplied the materials and our foundation paid the workers. The construction workers came from the neighborhood of the school and were happy to […]

Dipendraschool May June 2021

While distributing food to families of the students of the Dipendra school, our employee Mr. Prakash discovered a little boy. The boy was tied to a wall with a rope, and was barely able to move around. Mr. Prakesh was so shocked by this sight that he felt motivated to […]