Krishika, the girl who lost both arms due to severe burns, now lives in an SOS Children's Village and is doing exceptionally well. Despite her handicap, she is a cheerful, sweet and studious child. As can be seen on both videos, she really enjoys the exercises she does with her […]

Newsletter February

The board and the children from the Saraswati orphanage do not abandon the children who have left the house and have been affected by the lockdown. Years ago, Manoj and Sangita were taken from the orphanage by their aunt and uncle to help on the land. Sangita now has two […]

Newsletter January 2022

The number of children of the Dipendra school is growing. At the moment the school has 204 students, who fortunately can now return to school and therefore also receive their daily meals. Sudhir has ordered and handed out new uniforms for all children on behalf of the school board.

Newsletter December 2021

Every year we celebrate Ton's birthday with the children in the Saraswati orphanage. Unfortunately, it was not possible to celebrate with them both last and this year. That is why Sudhir treated all the children on behalf of Ton and we facetimed with the children. Ton was sung to with […]

Newsletter November 2021

Just before the summer holidays of this year, we received an invitation from the Heydonck school in Best to participate in a culture, dance, music and theater event. This day was organized in collaboration with Tuurlijk, an organization that wants young and old to participate in sports and cultural activities […]

Newsletter October 2021

Krishika is the *star this month. In the SOS Children's Village Krishika is well supervised so that Krishika can become a happy child again. She is now learning to take over the gripping function of her hands with her feet. Since writing is difficult, she will learn to operate her […]

Krishika September 2021

Although Binita is a certified nurse, it was impossible for her to earn enough to support herself in Nepal. She now has an employment contract in a hospital in Abu Dhabi and hopes to be able to save enough to be able to work in Europe in a number of […]

Binita September 2021

A few weeks ago, Mr. Prakash handed out materials to people who have been severely affected by Corona with which they can set up a small business. Mr. Prakash also worked to get 12 boys who had to perform child labor in India back to their families in Nepal. Mr. […]

September 2021

After the lockdown, the Dipendra school has recently reopened. This means that the students can go to school and learn again and also that they can enjoy a healthy meal twice a day.

Dipendra school September 2021