After two years of our absence due to corona, we were finally able to visit the orphanage for the disabled. After a conversation with the director Bhim Rai, it turned out that mattresses and bed shelves were desperately needed. We ordered them immediately and after ten minutes they were already […]

Newsletter November 2022

In March, the HOLI festival is traditionally celebrated by all Hindus in the world, a combination of New Year and a spring festival, while at the same time celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Newsletter March 2022

In Nepal it is not easy for a child of an unmarried mother to obtain proof of citizenship, because according to the law the father has to apply for this. For Sabitha, who has spent some time in the orphanage because her mother worked in the kitchen, there is also […]

Newsletter April 2022

Our employee Prakash has visited some of our projects. He was very satisfied with the way things were going in the Dipendra school. The building is well maintained, the classrooms look neat, children wear their uniforms and have an active learning attitude. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to […]

Newsletter May 2022

The children in the orphanage have recently celebrated two parties. The first party was Jacqueline's birthday. There was singing, eating cake and dancing. A few weeks later it was Kitty's turn.

Newsletter June 2022

Krishika, the girl who lost both arms due to severe burns, now lives in an SOS Children's Village and is doing exceptionally well. Despite her handicap, she is a cheerful, sweet and studious child. As can be seen on both videos, she really enjoys the exercises she does with her […]

Newsletter February

The board and the children from the Saraswati orphanage do not abandon the children who have left the house and have been affected by the lockdown. Years ago, Manoj and Sangita were taken from the orphanage by their aunt and uncle to help on the land. Sangita now has two […]

Newsletter January 2022

The number of children of the Dipendra school is growing. At the moment the school has 204 students, who fortunately can now return to school and therefore also receive their daily meals. Sudhir has ordered and handed out new uniforms for all children on behalf of the school board.

Newsletter December 2021

Every year we celebrate Ton's birthday with the children in the Saraswati orphanage. Unfortunately, it was not possible to celebrate with them both last and this year. That is why Sudhir treated all the children on behalf of Ton and we facetimed with the children. Ton was sung to with […]

Newsletter November 2021